Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Toast to the Bride and Groom

Today is my wedding anniversary. I know it is my anniversary because my husband called me to say, "Happy Anniversary!". He had to do that because he is in Tennessee and I am here. However, in all honesty, this is fairly typical for us on our special day.

During this crazy time in our lives, I guess I could be forgiven for forgetting. But really, I almost always forget it is our anniversary. We have been married 15 years and still Jack has to call and remind me. I am not good with dates or names.(thanks Dad) I often say my anniversary is May 10th when someone asks. Jack will politely point out that May 10th is the wedding date of his brother. Opps, I say, and smile sheepishly at him.

Our wedding was a fun one. My parents side of the family STILL talks about it. We ate, danced, and laughed together. Jack pointed out to me this weekend that our life right now is similar to our life while planning the wedding. There are crazy details that all need to be taken care off at the last minute. You can plan but you can't do anything until it has to be done right NOW. I laughed and admitted he was right. We also both agreed that the big difference was after the stress of planning a wedding you had a big party to release stress and be with those you love, and in this instance instead of a party we would be driving south in a packed van crying from good - byes.

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