Friday, May 28, 2010

The Duke Who Outlawed Jellybeans

Yesterday I packed up the last of my belongings from my job as Pre-k teacher. I loaded the car and unloaded it back into my basement. As I put my children's books back on my bookshelf, (I have a library of my own, it saved my life this year)I saw so many of the books that I loved reading to my own children. I also saw books from my own childhood.

In years past as a teacher I read stories related to my "Theme". I still did that this year, but I also just read plain old books that were special to me. I can read these books better because I know them and love them. I read "I'll Love You Forever" and cried in front of the class. I read all my "Francis" books.

I have trouble getting rid of books. My siblings and I still have books from our childhood hanging around our houses. For many years these books were in my parents attic in boxes. Eventually, my parents said,"No, more!" and made us get our stuff.

As I preschool teacher I have more than others I suspect. I got to read these stories to my class and say,"This is a book from when Mrs. Ziegler was a young girl." I would read the names in the front of the book of my sisters and brother.I would read other books and say,"This is a book that Mrs. Ziegler read to her own children." I would tell them about who gave us the book and which of my children liked it best.

In our process to move we are attempting to purge. My children still have books on their shelves from when they were young. I can't even bring myself to take them to my "Preschool Library" in the basement. My children are 9 years old and 11 years old. They are past picture books level reading. However, the other day my youngest daughter asked,"MOM, where is "The Duke Who Outlawed Jellybeans!?"

"The Duke Who Outlawed Jellybeans" is a book of fairy tales or fanciful tales given to my children by my brother. The beauty of the book is that the stories are fun and creative. Another nice aspect is that all the families in the stories are unique. There are families with 2 moms and/or 2 dads. It is not a big deal just part of the stories. I get to answer my daughter,"That book is on your shelf or your sister's shelf." I know this because even though it is what you would consider a picture book I never removed it from their room. I just couldn't. I am so happy they still like that book. I am hopeful one day that it will end up in my house in a box waiting for them to fight over it and read it to their children.

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