Monday, May 24, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

I am sure many of you are familiar with the Robert Frost poem, The Road Less Traveled. This past week I felt frustrated and tense about the road MORE traveled. My road even has a name, Naamans Road.

Rt. 202(Concord Pike) is connected to Philadelphia Pike (Rt.13 ) by Naamans Road (Rt. 92) or as I like to call it, the slow road to hell. Often on a Monday or Thursday my children have gymnastics and karate. The karate studio is located on Concord Pike. The Gymnastic Studio is located off Naamans Road just BEFORE Philadelphia Pike. There are 19 lights to go through. They are not timed for easy travel and although the trip is no more than 5 miles it often takes 15 plus minutes to go one way.

I ping back and forth between the two sites, with perhaps a brief 15 minute or 30 minute break at home. I have become creative with these time slots, I whip up a quick ZUMBA routine, sort through some papers, or prep a little dinner. It is challenging with these snippets of time, (Remember how I could not figure out how to cook the turkey?)but I don't have much longer to suffer.

Naamans Road is my temporary single parent cross to bare. In a few weeks it will be not the road MORE travelled but the road traveled no longer. It could very well be the road that takes me to Interstate 95 and off to Tennessee. (in which case, I better change the name to something different than the slow road to hell) I am off to Tennessee to many new roads to drive on which will take me to the new karate and gymnastics. I am, however, choosing to look at my move, the packing, the adventure starting in early June as my individual Road Less Traveled. I hope it makes all the difference.

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