Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movers Hate Zumba

The move is coming. It barrels toward my like a train speeding up. I am choosing to NOT be the damsel tied to the tracks in peril. I am the hero facing the danger head on ready to save the day.

To that end the phone calls and coordination begin. I gather my weapons and support troops and begin the attack. I do my best to take on comfortable battles. Start the ball rolling and then handle the 10 or so items one phone call will lead me to take care of.

The problem with this attack is that I call, then I get calls. (always at the most inconvenient times) Mostly when I am trying to get in my ZUMBA. My exercise relieves my stress and makes me happy. It is hard to do your salsa when the phone keeps ringing.

No matter what happens or when the calls arrive I will survive. I keep the notebook handy to write down my questions and/or the task I must tackle. In order to keep my sanity, I may even get up early to exercise. (although I have been getting very relaxed in that area)

There is a ZUMBA infomercial where a delivery guy does ZUMBA in the back of his truck on his lunch break. (When the truck is a rockin, don't come a knockin.) Maybe the people in my relocation are intuned to this vibe. If I am lucky the ZUMBA feeling will vibrate through my chaos (and them) and allow me to shake my booty in peace.

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