Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heaters, Turkeys, and Mom, will life be less hectic in Tennessee?

Yesterday morning started as a typical day. I got up and realized the house was cold. I had turned the heat off when the weather got warm, but we were in a cold snap so I decided to warm up.

Sure enough when I got downstairs the temperature was well below our typical accepted warmth. I flick the switch.

Nothing, no click, whoosh, wow. Hmmmm. I go to the basement and all is quiet.(except for the sump pump, which we all know is NEVER quiet) I immediately suspect the condensate pump on the heater. I hate that pump. It has given us no end of trouble. It never costs money because it is always under warranty, but the fact that I have to keep getting it dealt with puts me in a tizzy.

I stomp upstairs, cussing like a sailor, slamming phone books, and calling for service. The heater is now working.(but naturally will need a new part to KEEP working) Oh well, I can now focus on the other tasks of the day, leaving messages, getting ready for the yard sale on Saturday, and cooking the turkey that I had in my freezer.

I have really never cooked a turkey, except in my Crock Pot Roaster. I thought I could use it this time but alas, it is only good for up to 16 pound turkeys. For some reason I bought a 19 pound turkey. It now sits in the fridge thawing.

This gives me time to consider how and WHEN, I will cook it. When am I home? My life is divided into nuggets of time from work, errands, running children places, and getting ready to move. Hmmmmm. I think Friday will work. Oh well, today is Tuesday, lots of time to worry about that.

Last night, I got the worst cut of all.(worse than the turkey will ever get) In the van, (ALWAYS in the van) my daughter asks, "Mom, when we get to Tennessee will things be less hectic?" Will you not eat dinner at 9:00 at night, can we have family dinners, and not be so busy?

I sigh, to myself I answer, "I hope so". To my daughter who I know is facing change and fear I say. "Yes, honey, things will be better when we get to Tennessee. Daddy will be there to help me. I won't have to feed you Ramen noodles and hot dogs for dinner and then throw you in the car. He will help get you places." I think to myself, Jack will be calming, funny, available for homework help, and willing to eat my cooking. Jack will not put up with Ramen noodles and hot dogs for dinner.

Tonight, we skipped karate and had no gymnastics. Even so, the girls and I ate at 7:00 PM. The heater repair guy had left, along with the mover survey guy. I got to laugh with them, hear about who was being nice in school and their best/worst of their day. Jenny of course did not eat my chicken meatballs. But, I guess, you can't win them all. If it means later bed time but less hectic, I will take it.

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