Sunday, January 17, 2010

My LIfe Circus

In the past I have thought my life was like a sitcom. A nice safe one with humorous situations and sometimes canned laughter in the background. Now my life has somehow transformed into a circus.
I am the ringmaster who coordinates the acts and also a lead clown in one of the acts. As ringmaster I am loud and energetic and keep the show going.
As the clown I keep all the task and activity balls in the air as I juggle them. Some tasks such as getting the house ready are like a bowling ball. Other daily tasks such as making sure the girls get the their homework done or practice instruments are smaller and softer.(like a koosh ball) These items need to be softer because sometimes not only do they get dropped, I sometimes feel like I am taking these balls and pelting them at the girls to motivate them to get their jobs done.
Lastly of course are the balls that pertain to Sage our dog, feeding her, cleaning her ears, and brushing her teeth. These balls are small but harder like a golf ball. I don't feel like I need to pelt the dog with them but I tend to drop them and they land on my head.
Thankfully my Ringmaster and Juggling duties are mainly temporary so I guess as long as I don't drop something big like the bowling ball I should be fine.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ryan Seacrest and Me

As if my life is not strange enough, I find out that I have things in common with Ryan Seacrest. Why do I know so much about Ryan Seacrest? The news paragon that is NPR did a story on him. He apparently is this super mogul with his hand in radio, TV, and production. He is in charge of everything he does. And when he brings us greatness such as "Keeping up with Kardashians" how can you go wrong?
So what do I and this mastermind have in common? I think I have a bit of control freak in me. (talk to my teaching assistant Adrienne) I am in charge of the work, home, school, extracurricular activities. I have final say on all these productions. Mr. Seacrest also apparently has his life planned down to the minute. This is another way I feel we are connected. Right now my life is lists, accomplishments and staying on schedule. If we get behind it all goes down hill. I cram detail and activity into every moment. Today Melissa is home sick and I am trying to keep us going and get AHEAD on tomorrow. At least I am not crazy like Mr. Seacrest and getting up at 4:00AM each day. I mean just get a kid to crawl in your bed and vomit at 5:00AM like a normal person will ya!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year - Do your part to save our lord Jesus

As luck would have it, Christmas is the season that never ends. My children just relocated a duplo navitiy set which was given to them MANY years ago.
One thing I love about children is their creativity and imagination. In the past navtivity figures have mixed with Santa figures to have a yard sale at the manger (the angel was making the best deals) On this day there was trouble in the forest (did I mention there were also fairy/knight duplo figures involved?)
As I sit in the kitchen I hear the discussion going on. Who has seen the baby Jesus? We must find him. We don't want him kidnapped and held for ransom. We have to get money to save him! I am not sure where the came from but I am posting a request to please send you monetary help to save baby Jesus to our house as soon as possible. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No One Needs to Panic Until Mom Says So

We made it! The girls and I made it through one day on our own. I am EXHAUSTED! The girls and I got to work and school, did homework, teacher work (for me), practiced instruments, Girl Scouts, cleaned up some in the basement, sorted clothes, AND had dinner together!
I am finding that surviving this transition is much like my teaching 4 year olds. I have to be patient, prepared, and very flexible. The girls like to know the routine of the day (prepared), I need to not loose my temper (patience), and I need to handle any surprises from school or girls (flexible). A case in this point was the Math Homework Horror today.
While on the phone with the realtor, Jenny starts crying. She has left her homework at school. While trying to end my conversation I assure Jenny we will find her homework or go back to school for it. ( I can't tell you how many times the Gymnastic outfit was on the floor under a blanket when there was tears)
Jenny cries the whole way to school. I remain calm and reassuring. Mrs. Black will let you in, no she won't be angry, we will find it. Sure enough the work is in her school mailbox and Mrs. Black is wonderful.
We head home in peace and I remind the children No One Needs to Panic Until Mom Says So!