Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confessions of a crybaby

I will admit to being a crybaby. Just ask any of my siblings. I am the youngest of four children and I cried far more than necessary. My sister would say I would mostly cry over not getting my way,or losing a game. As I have gotten older, I think I cry more over movies, frustation, or just plain stress. I have come to peace with it. I cry, I get it out, I move on. It is like the song in "Free to Be You and Me" by Rosie Grier, "It's all right to cry, crying gets the sad out of you".

This week was my week to cry. I have been moving forward with purging and preparing the house for sale. This week, it all crumbled. I began a new unit at school. (which means more time for lesson planning) I do not want my job to suffer. The time frame on the house got moved a smidge since the realtor wants pictures for the virtual tour on the 10th, so the house goes online on the 15th as wanted. All my errands were taking longer, the staff meeting ran long, I got 10 more things on my plate from my job (all requiring not only planning, but advanced planning). You have to realize, I am living day to day at this point extra details start to make my blood pressure rise. I was falling behind and felt myself going under the water.

Yesterday I could not keep it together. While running errands I ran into my friend and neighbor. She is sweet and kind and the person I had a meltdown on the last time my stress reached critical mass. Unforutunatly for her, I saw her at the Bed, Bath and Beyond. I look up after quietly weeping in my car some, sucking it up and getting things done to see her. "hey, she says, how is it going?" I get a hug and start to cry. My poor friend is left explaining my life situation and stress to the cashier so she may not think I am crazy. I am blessed to have support and friends who let me vent and understand. I myself understand I am a crybaby and accept it. I also know I live in North Wilmington, the kind of place that is large but not too large to have that small town kind of feel where my upset will get back to someone, somewhere and be talked about. Oh, well, I guessthat will be a story for another time.

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