Monday, February 8, 2010

God wants Spritual Fruit not Religious Nuts

The title of this entry comes from a magnet my parents have hanging on their refrigerator. My dad is a retired minister and well there are several amusing items around the house. (my second favorite magnet being - I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!) To that end, I am just going to say this and get it over with. I believe in God. I believe Jesus is the son of God, he died for our sins, he rose after three days. I have faith in all that. Here is where I have recently felt myself troubled. I am moving to Tennessee.

In Tennessee there seems to be a fair number of people with the same type of my belief but a more literal interpretation of the bible. I am guessing it has to do with me thinking the bible is inspired by God and written by man/woman. I mean lets face it we all know mankind has it's share of errors in it. I choose to accept my own flaws and try to work on what I can, when I can. I seek out those who are willing to accept or overlook my errors and assist me to get better.

I also believe in working within the themes of the bible that promote acceptance of others, healing, and assisting those in need. It seems to me there are more people in Tennessee (and elsewhere) that have what I can perceive as less acceptance of me and my errors unless I able to fix myself and do it their way (Theirs is the correct and only way). Jack and I went looking and have found a potential new church home in Tennessee which we feel is a representation of our beliefs.

Our current new prospect of a church walks the walk and talks the talk. They speak the language of the more "liberal" United Church of Christ. They are O and A (open and affirming to all) and a Just Peace church (there is no such thing as Just or Justifiable war). I was speaking to my neighbor and said I was concerned because while looking at the website for my daughters new middle school I looked into clubs. There it was - Teens for CHRIST. Just like that in all capitals. Hmm, I said to my neighbor a more conservative view of the bible as a club? She said how do you know they are more conservative? Getting back to my lesson on religious language, I replied,"CHRIST in all capitals is a hint."

I have a feeling or at least hope this would not become an attractive option to my children. I also immediately have a brief flash of an image of the Jets and Sharks as gangs with Teens for CHRIST in jackets with sparkly cruxifiction images on the back and other teens with the UCC symbol or even the devil on the back of their jackets prowling the school. I close my eyes and whisk that away. I am scared to leave our safe church village home in Delaware. I know there my children were surrounded by peers with the same beliefs. I guess I will do the best I can. Say my prayers and try to raise my children as Christians, instead of CHRISTians.

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