Friday, February 26, 2010

Realty and Reality

As all of you know I am in the midst of selling my house. This is not our first house so I am somewhat familiar with the process. Of course the last time was 11 years ago, and my memory is not that great and things have changed since then.

When we sold our first house.(which had a kitchen the size of a postage stamp) our realtor suggested I put my bread machine away and de clutter the counters. I was really upset because I was really into making bread at the time. This is now known as "staging". I have seen commercials for courses that train you to be a professional stager. I am now an avid HGTV watcher and was fully prepared this time to get everything "just so" for sale. I was even prepared to put the bowl of decorative green apples or pears on the table. (you HGTV watchers KNOW what I mean)

You must understand that I LOVE watching House Hunters and other shows on HGTV. I am not interested in the rest of realty matters. I just like looking at houses. I took a moment and thought about the words realty and reality and realized the only difference is the letter I. Currently "I" have to be involved with not the fun of watching House Hunters but all the contracts and nitty gritty. Thank Goodness I have a realtor to help with all that!

We met our first realtor at an open house. He was a nice man and did a good job for us. He was a bit older and I guess a little father figureish. When we sold our first house we used a young realtor close to us in age. He was a good guy, who we know is no longer in realty. At this juncture in our lives we have a new realtor who has also been great.

I don't know how it is for you but our realtor has had to play many roles for me. (realtor, negotiator, decorator, and person who talks me down) I have been so glad to have him in our corner. He is always patient. (even when I feel like I keep calling him with the same questions and pestering him like a buzzing fly) He steps in with a calm demeanor when I am flustered and upset. (he is similar to Jack in that fashion) When I question him for advice or need help on some project. He can be quiet for a moment says, hmm and then says, "let me get you the name of someone for that." Sure enough he gives me someone to call and they have all been great. I do feel like I am talking to him quite a bit. First when I spoke to him, I used to call him Mr. Moran, now it is just Shawn. Next I think I will have to call his wife and figure out what kind of baked good to make him.

My friend told me that after she sold her house, she missed her realtor. I mean when you are talking to someone 3 or 4 times a day over important or intense decisions it seems weird then they are gone. I know I will take a deep breath when inspections are over, work on the house is done, we have a settlement date, and I go back to a more normal life. (until I have to pack) But, I think I will also miss my realtor.

I believe in telling someone when I think they are doing a good job. So I told my realtor thank you for all his help and patience. He was very gracious and said thank you for saying that but also pointed out that we worked together to get the house sold. I had listened to his advice and worked very hard to get things ready. I guess I was reminded by him that although there is Realty and right now there is the "I" put in realty to make my Reality. As another saying goes, there is no I in TEAM.

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  1. Your blog brought back our move experience of a couple years ago. I had a similar relationship with our realtor, Dave. I went into withdrawal when the process was over & I was no longer talking to him 10 times a day. He had become my friend and I baked for him too - homemade strawberry rhubarb pie with fruit I had picked & homemade crust. You just have to appreciate that kind of service!