Sunday, January 17, 2010

My LIfe Circus

In the past I have thought my life was like a sitcom. A nice safe one with humorous situations and sometimes canned laughter in the background. Now my life has somehow transformed into a circus.
I am the ringmaster who coordinates the acts and also a lead clown in one of the acts. As ringmaster I am loud and energetic and keep the show going.
As the clown I keep all the task and activity balls in the air as I juggle them. Some tasks such as getting the house ready are like a bowling ball. Other daily tasks such as making sure the girls get the their homework done or practice instruments are smaller and softer.(like a koosh ball) These items need to be softer because sometimes not only do they get dropped, I sometimes feel like I am taking these balls and pelting them at the girls to motivate them to get their jobs done.
Lastly of course are the balls that pertain to Sage our dog, feeding her, cleaning her ears, and brushing her teeth. These balls are small but harder like a golf ball. I don't feel like I need to pelt the dog with them but I tend to drop them and they land on my head.
Thankfully my Ringmaster and Juggling duties are mainly temporary so I guess as long as I don't drop something big like the bowling ball I should be fine.

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