Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heroes and Angels and Among Us

There is a blizzard in the mid - Atlantic. Excuse me, the second blizzard in as many weeks in the mid - Atlantic. I am a lover of an occasional snow day as much as your average person, but even this is just to MUCH SNOW.
To that end I am the "single parent, snow shoveler, get the house ready to sell, and teacher" snow or not. The snow just adds to the fun... and stress. I am writing this message to say thank you to the folks who make my life easier. I am blessed to have friends and family who care and look after me.

My husband is in Mexico (eating avocado which he does not really enjoy but I love). He is enjoying work and also checking on me and worrying that I may lose power. My family and his family check on me via phone and text to be sure I am ok.

Before the storm hits my friend travels far from home, in a soon to be recalled car, with a sick child, to support me and CLEAN my house. She is supplemented by my other friend who comes and helps me clean my bathrooms. MY BATHROOMS! (including the tile floor) To this end, I am reminded of the story by Anne Lamott from the book, "A Journal of My Sons First Year" In that book a drug rehabilitated woman is a single mom and a parishioner from her church shows up on her doorstep to ask what they can do to help her. In tears and upset she says, "clean my bathroom". This kind gentleman did it. She not only never forgot it, she put it in her book. This is how special and sacred such things are.

In addition during this storm and the last, all my neighbors helped each other. The snow was shoveled for the elderly, the neighbors away and soon to be flown home, and the single ones like me. As I sit here late the night of the second storm with snow not supposed to end until late tonight a neighbor clears my driveway and walk. I could cry in relief of the tiredness of the snow, and of the stress of not having to worry about it. This gentleman is "young" or at least in my realm of time and space he is. In addition to thanking him, I am hopeful that I can raise my children to be as thoughtful, kind, and positive as he is toward others. So I guess all I can say is, let it snow, as long as I am surrounded by such support as I have right now.

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