Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Assembly Required

My life right now is being assembled. Piece by piece I get more done and get closer to goals. Unfortunately, I sometimes lose pieces along the way. I am often asking the girls if they have seen my brain anywhere, and if so can they squish it back in my head.

Part of assembling my life involves assembling the house for sale. To that end I bought some small inexpensive tables to spruce up the place. Now I am not one to shy away from these types of projects. I can't say I am fast but I can put a something together. Jack is quite supportive of this and I only have drill use and hanging items removed from my purview. (that is a whole other story though)

Last night I begin to assemble a small table for Jenny's room. I purchased this item because it was the right size, right color ,(pretty much) and the right price (cheap). I am not afraid and get started. This was indeed one of the more challenging of tasks. There were pegs and screws but no screw holes. The box read "real wood not particle board." They meant to say it is made from Balsa wood, the softest and most flimsy. "No difficult fasteners" the box read, I would have given my right arm for a "fastener". The back came with nails so small that they would not hold the back on. They just were not long enough. These were the same nails for the bottom of the drawer (since they were not going to work on the back, it would make for a bottomless drawer). I ended up with a small table with a shelf and no drawer. In the end I got what I paid for.

Today I eyed the second table I bought for the family room with suspicion but noted that it was not made by the same company. This table came with the drawer and table top assembled. I screwed on the legs, shelf, and feet. It took no tools and 10 minutes. (at most) I am glad that the furniture is getting put together, my house is getting put together, and sometime this summer when I am in Tennessee my life will be put back together. I only hope it goes as smoothly as the second table.

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