Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where are the People?

I mentioned to my husband the other day how empty parking lots seem here in Tennessee. It is odd to see cars but not have long lines at stores. I am told things will change around the holidays, especially at Turkey Creek. Turkey Creek is a strip of road brimming with stores and food. Jack says, "Think of it as Rt.202 developed today." Around here they call it the "Shopping District". I think of it as several Brandywine Town Centers in a row. I guess when the Holiday shopping comes it will be no different than Delaware. For the moment though, I am left wondering where are people?

The roads too, seem empty. While far from a ghost town, there is never horrific traffic. (Does anyone remember sitting through 2 or more cycles of lights to cross Rt.202?, how about taking an hour to drive from Wilmington to Newark?) I did experience some back up yesterday coming home from gymnastics and it was decided that to get home quicker I should hop on the highway. When is the last time someone suggested you get on Interstate 95 at rush hour to get home quicker? (Highway 40 runs parallel to my beloved Kingtson Highway) Kingston Highway is the Rt. 202 of Delaware. Long and more gritty. It has anything you want or need, just not in a convenient shopping mall. "Mom," my kids will ask, "where is my sock?" I will answer, "On Kingston Highway where everything else can be found." I will answer.

My husband has reminded me I am a native of the east coast. I grew up in NJ the land of the aggressive driver. He suggests I relax and enjoy it. For now I am adjusting. I will say the only parking lots I always see full are church lots on Sunday. There are plenty of churches and plenty of people who go to them. I just can't figure out where they live or where they shop!

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