Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 Month and Counting

As I go around Tennessee, I talk to people. I usually say something about how we just moved here a few weeks ago. The other day I realized, it was not just a few weeks ago, it was a month. It was a month on that very day.

It took me a back a little. I started to think about when my children were young. "How old is she?", people would ask. You answer,"1 month old" with pride. It goes on like that for some time. When you go to the doctor or talk to friends, you don't say, "My daughter is about a year old." or "My daughter is almost 2 years old." You say 13 months or 21 months old.

I wonder when my time to stop counting the months in Tennessee will be. When will I say I live in Tennessee. When will the countdown stop and I consider it the place that is home not this strange land I am learning about? I try to think back to when I lived in Delaware. I knew how to get to places from going to college there. When I first moved to Wilmington, I continued to do some errands in Newark. My husband pointed out that they do have "food stores and pet stores IN Wilmington, and perhaps I should USE them." Transition can be tough, and I liked my comfort zone in Newark.

Thankfully as my sister's put it. "Tennessee seems a lot like Delaware, with southern accents." So maybe that will be it, Tennessee will be home when I get that twang.

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