Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Own Lake Naomi

My sisters came to visit this weekend. They were the first to see our new house and Farragut. It was easy to show them around. I can get to things without much trouble. On Saturday we explored using the method of my husband. Just drive around and follow your sense of direction. As you all know, I am unable to do this on my own.

The good news was that we found a new park and I do have a better sense of how certain roads are connected. "The Big Picture" as Jack puts it. As I mentioned previously, my sisters found Knoxville to be quite similar to Delaware. I would agree and say that the similarities have helped me adapt to my new life with less stress.

Some differences between Tennessee and Delaware came into focus from our travels on Saturday. You see, we ended up at a lake. There are several lakes minutes from our house. It is beautiful to look out on them. You can sit and watch boats and people. There are houses on the lake but not many. Boat ramps are easy to access so Jack will be able to sail and I hope to kayak with my daughters. I have not found it yet but there is beach access to swim in the lake. This particular park we found has a water park to splash in for the girls. (Think of the water park in Dutch Wonderland but smaller) It is open to the public and looked well kept.

As we sat and talked on a bench, a thought came into my head. We have moved ourselves to our own Lake Naomi. Lake Naomi is a spot in the Poconos where friends of mine have homes. You can swim (we belong to our own pool), go to a water park (we have that), kayak, canoe, or sail (we have that also!). All that from my own house!

It is great to consider I moved to a place with all this adventure and perks, it made me smile. The only problem is that I cannot share it with my friends with the same amount of ease that they did with me. The Poconos is only a couple hours away from Delaware. That thought deflates me a little, but does not me go completely flat. I look forward to greeting them here at some point in the future and showing them around.

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