Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Proud Parenting Moment: #33

It had been a busy weekend in our household. We swam at the pool, swam in the hot tub, rode our bikes, went down a water slide at a friends house, and ran all kinds of errands. So it happened last night things got a little rough.

There is a saying in my daughter's Karate school - Quitters never win, winners never quit, I choose to be a winner! Last night as I stood in my girls bedroom and they cried and yelled at each other. I saw no way to win AND I quit.

The girls were upset over numbered moving stickers and money. My husband had encouraged the children to find the stickers and he would pay them. My understanding had been this was a team effort with money to split evenly between them. Somehow, competition had reared it's ugly head, well that and since there were fewer stickers he told them they got more money per sticker. There was crying, reminding each other of previous vows and rules, and yelling because of the 50 cents they could get for this ONE sticker.

I thought about my options and knew that no matter what decision was made there would be more tears and argument. (did I mention we were all tired?) I felt my frustration rising and knew if I yelled this would never get under control. So I did what any self respecting mother would do, I called my husband in to handle the situation. I mean the whole money for stickers was his idea right?

I slipped guiltily into our bedroom so HE could get the lowdown. After a few moments I knew he had delivered a verdict. There was fresh argument (not with each other, but with him) After all we all know he is sooooo unfair. I really love him for taking that bullet for me.

I listened and could not take the guilt anymore. I stepped back in and defended my husbands honor. I calmly explained that how they felt about fair did not upset me. I was upset because they were treating each other and their dad so poorly. I was upset because they were fighting over 50 cents! and I as their mother had bought them hundreds of dollars worth of gadgets just this weekend.(against their fathers judgement, I might add) They as children do not WANT for anything, and they are very lucky. I was so disappointed they were not giving up on this small thing. I wanted them to love each other and knock it off.

I said all of it, calmly and firmly. There was silence for a moment. THEN the girls started to cry and hug me. We are sooooo SORRRY mom!

I reassure them I love them. Jack and I calm them down. We return to our room, so we can all finally get ready for bed.

I guess, Quitters never win, winners never quit, and sometimes a little quilt is a good thing.

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