Monday, July 5, 2010

Karate Studios and Prom Dates

We are searching for a new Karate home. It reminds me of looking for a new church. You want the right philosophy and atmosphere. My children and I have been to two places so far. We have spoken to and dropped by to ask questions of others. I have also made phone calls in order to save a trip.

I know what we are looking for, we are looking for what we had. Our former place of study was fun, supportive, disciplined, and motivating. It was a great home. We had been there 4 years after all. My daughter felt like family with some of those people.

My daughter is looking for all the traits she had in her previous studio. It is hard for me as we discuss and visit potential new places to visit. She is so full of hope and excitement. "Maybe the instructor will be funny like Master Barnes." or "Maybe we will play that game I liked before." "Will there be someone funny like Mr. Paige?" When her hopes come in contact with reality, it can be upsetting. You see, my daughter is not only seeking the new karate family, she is looking for the ultimate Prom date in the lead instructor. She was very attached to her previous Master. I have had more tears over missing him than anyone else. I know it is because he was good at encouragement and support. He was a rock. Now in this strange new land of discovery, she wants that feeling of stability back.

So far we have not found the perfect fit or prom date. I know he will have to be funny. I know the studio will have to be friendly and knowledgeable. I myself have felt most comfortable in one studio. This is the one my daughter leans toward also. We will visit another this week. She wants to see all her options. Unfortunately, I get the task of calling back the studios which do not get selected and tell them, sorry no prom date this year.

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