Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Can't Take It With You

The saying goes, "You can't take it with you." I know it often relates to money and material things. In my case it comes to mind regarding my house. We are getting closer to actually SELECTING a new home. We are going to Tennessee and will hopefully return with a new home contract. Don't get me wrong, I am excited, and I LOVE looking at houses. I am scared though also.

The last time we went house hunting in Tennessee no house in particular, had that feeling. You know the feeling that you know when you walk in or see it, that says this is the one. When Jack and I bought our first house. It was the first house we looked at. We looked at many others but that one was it.

The house we are in now was not quite like that, but we really liked it. It had sooo many good things. It was hard back then to choose a new home also. I liked our old house in Newark. I wanted that same house except bigger. Take the layout and supersize the kitchen and bedrooms and I would be happy. (Ok, add a bedroom and a 2 car garage.) The new house in Wilmington gave me an extra bedroom, bigger kitchen, and a 1 car garage. (you gotta give on something right?) I could not take my old house with me. I could not lift it up and bring it along. That was difficult for me to accept.

Last night I stayed up late sifting through house options in Tennessee. They are nice houses but once again I find myself looking for THIS house in Tennessee. Particularly the kitchen. Those who know me, understand the kitchen is part of my heart. I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. Now with my little TV in my kitchen I can even cook, watch football, AND listen to NPR. I look at kitchens in Tennessee and think, will that layout work?, do they have an under mount sink? how big is the pantry?. Mostly I think, why isn't it MY kitchen. I guess, I want to take my kitchen with me.

In the end, I know "You can't take it with you." I also know the optimist in me will win out. Maybe I will find a kitchen that is even better, like a kitchen with an island! or 2 pantrys! Wish me luck!

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  1. I can remember before you really started texting...we were sitting at the Jackson Inn and you wanted to text your sister. So you pulled out your flip phone, typed in G-a-y-l-e thinking that it would get to her. You've come a long way, baby!