Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stress, Chocolate, and the Zen of Folding Clothes

I think it is fair to say that I am stressed right now. I know there are many ways of dealing with stress. A big way is eating. I have noticed that since Jack has gone I tend to eat my bowl of ice cream more nights. A habit I had worked hard to break. Another thing I have realized about myself is that when stressed I tend to be a chocolate hoarder. I buy sweets and chocolates by the dozens. I want them, bring them home, but don't really eat them. I feel guilty eating them so they sit. Or I eat some but not all, but still buy more.

Those of you who know me know where to find chocolate in my house. You also know there is ALWAYS plenty of it. At Christmas I had stacks of candy boxes not yet opened in my dining room. Now I have more.

Here in Ohio there is a chocolate shop called, "Malley's Chocolates". My mom single handedly keeps them in business buying candy for me and my siblings. I myself cannot resist a trip to Malley's when at home. Now I am STRESSED, my mom will be unable to get my children their usual Easter treats, AND I saw the sale flyer at my parents house. I walk in and start gathering boxes of candy. A friendly worker says,"Can I help you find anything?" I look at her say," I think I am going to need a cart." Naturally I spent more money than necessary and I am full to the brim with sweets. I even bought the fudge sauce.MMmmmmm.

One thing my mom also loves is chocolate. When her cholesterol went up she had to cut back. Now that she will be diabetic I am saddened buy her loss of chocolate. Although I am pretty sure Malley's has sugar free stuff. Mom loves sweets but she is also good at so many things. She has always kept the house running smoothly.

Right now I am trying to take care of the house for her. I am cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. My mom runs a pretty tight ship. One thing I cannot ever match though is her folding. She has a magical skill. Some master taught her when she was a Home Ec. major in college. It is like she can wave her hands in a special way and it is done. When she folds something, it is incredibly flat and smooth. My folded laundry would overflow the top of the basket, when mom does the the same amount of clothes it is two thirds full.

You would never have to iron it. (although she often does, my mom irons things I wouldn't think to, like jeans) In fact, I don't iron. I pull out shirts, gently shake them, frown, and think, well what the hell, it is only going to get wrinkled more wrinkled when I wear it. I am folding laundry as best as I can and know my father will not really mind. He is very easy going. I do wonder if when he puts something away it will make him miss my mom more because after 51 years of someone doing it a certain way change can be hard. I hope it doesn't stress him. Luckily for him, he doesn't like chocolate so much.

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