Thursday, March 11, 2010

A River Runs Through It

The water problem in my house is fixed. Well, at least the water is not coming in my house anymore. I also cannot say it was fun to see a trench in my crawl space with water and wetness in it. Maybe it wasn't a river, but it was a tiny creek.

The water proofer was a wonderful man. Not to big of a guy. He had an accent and was determined to fix the problem. He was always dressed comfortable with work clothes(and crocks)which I took to give him a little flair. When everything was done and I was inspecting the work. I got to see my new sump pump run. Naturally the other one is still going also. My water proofer friend was really hoping the first pump would run less after he put the second one in. I told him not to worry, they can now help each other out. He laughed and said with his accent, "yeah, they are buddies." I told him I would name them so they could be good friends.

I gave it some thought. I think I will name our first pump. Ernie (as in Ernie and Bert) He is shorter, lower on the ground, much noisier, and in the past has been known to cause trouble. The second pump is named Bert. I can tell it really wants to do the right thing. It has a particular place and a clear job to do. It is already working hard in a no nonsense way. It is deeper in depth (so taller than Ernie) and much quieter. He doesn't seem to want to cause a commotion. I hope Ernie and Bert have fun together and don't get tired working hard. Just like the original Ernie and Bert, I am sure they will be together a LONG time.

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