Monday, March 8, 2010

We Two Are One

The title of this blog comes from a Eurythmics song from long ago. I have been married almost 15 years. The time I have known my husband, is of course, longer. We met in college, at least I was still in college (he had graduated)
, we dated, and in a story to long for right now, we got married.

When I met Jack he lived in a house. He shared rent with other college types. The house itself had a title. "The Couch Museum and Heartbreak Hotel". The title eluded to the quota of a minimum of 5 couches in the home at any one time. The Heartbreak Hotel, well you know how guys are. The tales of this home are to numerous to mention and we are waiting for the book to be written by our friend Joe anyway.

The thing about couches is that you lay on them and fall asleep. Jack in particular was good at this. As our time together progressed and as we had children our thinking and similarities have grown. The children can ask a question and we will give the same answer, at the same time. I am not amazed by this, although it does annoy the children to no end. (mostly Melissa)

The reason for my current thoughts has to do with the fact that Jack is in Tennessee and I am here. Currently I am the "single parent" a good part of the time. Never fear though, the time I have known Jack has rubbed off on me. Recently on more than one occasion I have fallen asleep with the children at bedtime. (not unlike Jack and the couches)

I have also been lucky enough to surround myself with other friends who replicate Jack. While at a friends house for a sleepover, the children were playing a game using blankets. The dad in this situation explained the history of each blanket and why we should not be walking on them. As the last blanket was picked up, my children asked what was special about that blanket? (Because this blanket had not history or he could not remember I am guessing) He replied that a pattern had been established for picking up blankets and the history of this particular blanket did not really matter. My daughter replied to me when sharing this story, "He sounded just like daddy." In all honesty it was a very Jack response to the question.

These close friends of mine ( and others in my village) have been there to be the kind, rough housing person for my children through busy work phases of Jack's, grad school for Jack, and the current temporary move of my husband. Over time I have grown and blended with Jack in wonderful ways. I am blessed also to have these people to fill in any seams as Jack and forge along in life and it's changes.

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  1. I just read this one out loud to Chris and he laughed out loud. He remembered exactly this conversation and got a kick out of hearing how it got described to you! :)