Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Say No to Drugs

Good Old Nancy Reagan right? The slogan that just keeps on going. In our house we do make an attempt to use drugs as needed and for a specific purpose instead of a multi - symptom solution. My biggest isuse is my children won't take pills. They are now old enough to dislike liquid "Kids" medicine. But they still will not choke down a sudafed.

Thank goodness Big Pharma provides me with chewable, meltaways, and gummys! yum! Recently however, Melissa needed chewable Motrin. Orange, NOT Grape flavor, or you may as well come home empty handed. I went to 3 stores and found no Motrin. ANYWHERE! As I said, we don't use this stuff often so I begin to get that, maybe they stopped making feeling in my stomach. Trying one more store seemed easier than getting my child to actually swallow a pill so off I go.

It seems, Motrin has been recalled. That is the bad news. The really bad news is who knows when it will be back on the market? I have been making my children drink the Motrin. I give it to them in the mini plastic shot glass it comes with instead of syringe to make them feel more grown up.

The other drug story is about my mom. Mom had surgery and they gave her pain killers. Apparently as we all know, narcotic, pain killers can do strange things. Mom got dehydrated and hyped up on pain meds. She pulled out her IV and began to leave the hospital. (PULLED out the IV!, they were REALLY good pain meds, OUCH!)

She wandered into the hall where a kind nurse, asked, "Where do you think your going Mrs. Strommen?" My mom calmly replied she was done with her surgery and it was time to go home. She also did not take kindly to going back to bed. Thankfully my dad and sisters were able to keep tabs on her until she was hydrated and feeling better, although there was a lot of grumbling, and hrumphing from my mom apparently.

The reason this story is so amusing to me is the juxtaposition of my mom the go getter and feisty transformed into the more fiery and fierce. I am glad she is feeling better. My conversations have been pleasant and she did not bark at me once. I can only take that sort of thing from my pre - teen daughter, I don't need it from both sides!

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