Monday, September 20, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Since I left Delaware I have been a little lost. I am continuing to find my bearings but at times I still feel like a fish out of water. I flop hear and there as I find my way around and things to do. I am Dorrie in "Finding Nemo" except I don't always communicate the right way with people because sometimes I don't speak "whale" or "Tennessee Twang", especially when it comes to politics.

I come from Northern Delaware, while not a bastion of liberal politics it was for the most part a moderate democratic community and state.(Ok,OK, I know the whole Christine O'Donnell thing was a bit of a shocker) While living here in Tennessee, I am reminded of a cartoon I saw after the Bush/Gore Election. It was a map of our country. It was divided with the Blue states which voted democratic and the Red that voted republican. The Blue States were labeled "The United States of America". The Red States were labeled "Jesusland". It was funny and expressed the anger so many people felt back then. The country was so divided. I tend not to be a divider but a unifier.

For most of my adult life I have lived in a Blue State. Now I reside in a Red. When I grew up in New Jersey our town was more conservative and republican in it's politics. My dad would run in local races so their would be someone to bring up the issues he wanted or just BE opposition. (Did I mention how my brother liked to stir the pot? I see where he gets it) That is not my way, I quietly go about doing things in my life to best I can to express my beliefs. Although it would be nice to have some type of peer friendship with someone who has my sense of political vision. I was surrounded by it in Delaware and it was wonderful. I had friends who held different political views also and that was fine. I just don't want to fight about it. I was thinking that was how it would end up here.

As fate would have it, I may have found a kindred spirit in a neighbor, she is from Massachusetts. She has lived here longer and I get the sense she too feels like an island of moderate, even liberal politics. Some moms were talking at the bus stop about the cute outfit a child had on. "Oh, I got that at Walmart," a mom said. I said,"I can't shop at Walmart." I got blank stares except from this one new friend, she looked at me and said,"The Union thing right? yeah me too." I almost wanted to hug her. We agreed that it hard to NEVER go there but she does her best. I had to admit I had keys made there the other day. I did not know WHERE else to go. (I texted my sister so she could absolve me of my guilt)

So at the moment I feel a little less alone. I am a blue fish with a friend, we are Two Fish now. Just keep Swimming, Just keep swimming.....


  1. For future reference, you can get keys made at Lowes and Home Depot.

  2. I know. I just was lazy and did not have the time or energy to drive the extra 7 miles to those places down on Kingston Pike. That laziness just added to my guilt.