Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

There is a commercial I see on TV that has a line, "While I was busy building my life, plaque was building in my arteries." It is an advertisement for some cholesterol lowering drug I believe. These past few months, I can't attest to the plaque in my arteries but I do sometimes worry about my blood pressure.

You see I have been building, and in a way, rebuilding my life. I purge a house (one brick), pack a house (another brick), get new doctors, (yet another brick) and so on. I have been placing my bricks in order and make my new life sturdy here in Tennessee. The fates however have decided to come along and knock my house down.

They are moving my husband's headquarters and we have to move to Chicago. And now I sit amongst a pile of rubble. My bricks lay scattered around me. Sometimes I sit and stare at them. Sometimes I pull my knees into my chest and cry a little. Mostly I sift through the pile. I know that there are many bricks that are not broken or even damaged. You see, when I was in highschool I went on a workcamp with my church. One of our tasks was to search the remains of a "moved" house for salvageable brick. Brick is strong, and so am I. I will find my bricks and take them to Chicago. I can place them in a new spot. I can repair the ones which are damaged and gather/build new ones (like friends, Karate, Gymnastics) once again. I know I can, I know how, because, I just did it not to long ago.

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