Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tenessee and Oral Health

Gas: $160
Hotel Stay: $100
Food Shopping: $60
Dinners Out: $100
DS games for Car Trip: $60

Finding a house you love in Tennessee.


We did it. We drove the 10 and 1/2 hours to Tennessee. I won't lie. It was a long trip. I told Jack I would NEVER make him drive it alone again. It was a beautiful drive, open, not much traffic, wonderful views. It was just LONG. Having driven to Ohio for my parents, I thought this would not be so bad. It was not so bad, just 1 HOUR TOO long. Needless to say, Jack will fly home from now on.

We saw 13 houses on Tuesday in Maryville. You can't say "Mary"ville like Mary and Joseph, Mary. You have to sort of speed it up and mush it up in your mouth. We got pretty good by the end of the day.

Maryville was nice. Had some nice houses and was near a university. It was also a 1/2hour away from work for Jack. It felt a little to spaced out for me. I could not figure out where things were and how I would get things done. On Wednesday it was on to Farragut City!We saw 14 houses. My younger daughter was excited to break our record. Everyone, including Jack, was tired by the end of that day.

Thursday was second look day, it was down to the wire. My realtor kept asking everyone which was their number 1 and number 2 house. The girls got 2 houses but Jack and I got 4, after all, we were contributing more money. Jack kept telling my elder daughter that if she could cough up 10% she could have more say. Our realtor would give her opinion sometimes but then would quickly add, that it was her opinion and she had no intention of putting any money up for more of a say. (I really liked our realtor)

Thursday afternoon was one of the most important. Jack had work conference calls in the afternoon. The girls and I went out shopping. It was fun. We found some very important things: where I can buy Indian food (it wasn't in the supermarket!), the SUPER Target (think of our Target on steroids, it had everything ours has but MORE), a chocolate shop, a liquor store (I gotta have my wine), AND a really cool frozen yogurt shop. (you pay by the ounce!, it was awesome!) The girls and I returned to the apartment (the GPS is the best device ever ) and we went to a park for dinner. It ended up being a great day.

The only thing I have not been able to find for us is Dental Tape. Jack and I have specific dental needs. He has not had success tracking down our type. I must admit I usually get it at Shoprite so THINK CARE PACKAGE PEOPLE! (well that and Tastycake)


  1. Did you go to a Yogurt Mountain? The girls and I were in Birmingham and this place had about 15 different yogurt flavors and you paid by the ounce.

  2. Lisa, We wnt to Meneche. I have now idea where the name came from. The symbol is some face with and elfish hat. I was just happy the girls found something they liked that they could NOT find in DE.