Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Pit Stop Shop of Horrors

Along our travel to Tennessee some stops had to be made. On our highways there were rest areas and visitor centers. All of them nice and clean. They did not have gas and only had vending machines for food.

We made it far along and then we had to get off the highway to get gas. Jack was familiar with this stop. The gas station had a "Pit Stop Shop" where you could use the bathroom and get some food. I told the girls I would get them ice cream and sent them to stand on line for the bathroom.

Ahead of us in line were two girls about the same age as mine. All of the sudden the younger of these girls in line got ill. A lot of ill, poor child. I ran to the front and told them, hoping they might hand me a bag or trash can. They did not. They did come and let this child and her mom into the utility room to clean up. The mens and ladies room were still being used.

About this time, one of those kind women you hear about from the south came up and reamed out her son who was waiting in line for the mens room. She was also unhappy with her daughter when she emerged from the ladies room. Hearing someone scold and be unhappy with that southern twang was unusual to say the least.

I really did feel bad for the little girl who did not feel well. I wanted to share my own proud parenting moment from long ago with my eldest daughter. We had left our dentist appointment, and my treat as reward turned into a nightmare.

My one daughter does NOT like going to the dentist. I have struggled with this issue from her very first visits. She has extreme anxiety about it. I attempted to make going to the dentist a positive thing. "When we are done.", I said,"We will all go to 7 Eleven for a slurpee!"

My daughter was still a disaster at the dentist but off we went. As we enter the store, my daughter says, "my stomach hurts." I pooh pooh her and say she is still upset from the dentist. We get to the slurpee machine. "my stomach hurts." she says again. I say she will feel better after she gets something to drink.

Then it happens, that unmistakable shudder from a child that means trouble. The lurching and lunging behavior that makes a parent panic. We race to get out of the store. We only made it to the cash register where my daughter got ill in all her glory for all the customers to see.

I don't think I set foot in that 7 Eleven for months. I am hoping for better luck a the Pit Stop next time.

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