Friday, April 23, 2010


You would have not believed the state of my kitchen.

When you walked in there was chip bags open, some open wine, special popcorn cups (which were now empty), a sink full of dishes, and of course some empty bowls of ice cream. I will admit, the house looked like I was recovering from a bad break up. I was reminded of the song, "Shopping Cart of Love" by Christine Lavin. Her boyfriend leaves her and she ends up at the food store "in a blinding rage craving foods she had not had since she was 12 years of age" She picked foods based solely on their carbohydrate and calorie count. Which one of us has not done something like that?

Thankfully my kitchen was not in this state due to sadness. I considered it to be more a celebration of sisterhood. My sister was visiting and my children had disappeared to sleepovers. My sister and I had dissolved into a giddy uninterrupted session of girlness. We ate snacks for dinner, had wine, and sweets. We rented romantic comedies and watched them. I got to be a girl and a grown up. It rocked!

I consider myself very lucky. My family is very close. We are a family with one brother and three sisters. I love all of my family. For the purposes of this story though. I am focusing on my one sister closest in age to me. I could write many stories of how my older siblings get along with me and how I love them. That is not the story for today.

As I was saying, my sister was here and we get along well. That is not to say we have not had our disagreements. When we were young, my mom would banish my sister and I to our rooms sometimes when we fought. We were not supposed to speak to each other. We could however, draw pictures and write notes illustrating our anger at each other. These notes would end up shoved under each others doors at times. (I am not sure my mom ever knew about that.)

This weekend my sister and I were laughing about those arguments. We could not recall what we fought about or how fights started. (although I think I remember one about which was the better way to store records, standing up or laying flat) My sister was right but I will never admit it.

My sister comes to see us almost every month. She comes, we talk, we eat, and sometimes we shop. (although we try to be good about saving money) The girls get to play games with her. Jack and she talk about work and sports. I like the way she doesn't mind the commotion of our house and will sit and read as I am busy getting my stuff done. I do not mean it to sound like she sits around eating bon bons doing nothing. She just lets me get done the stuff I need to and helps with the stuff she can. I don't feel pressure to entertain her, just spend time as we want.

I am going to miss her monthly visits when we move to Tennessee. She will still come regularly, but will be unable to come as often. It is ok, when she comes she and I will have new adventures discovering new places and things to do. We will talk, eat, and perhaps shop. Thankfully, I am sure we will have love and laughter.

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