Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No One Needs to Panic Until Mom Says So

We made it! The girls and I made it through one day on our own. I am EXHAUSTED! The girls and I got to work and school, did homework, teacher work (for me), practiced instruments, Girl Scouts, cleaned up some in the basement, sorted clothes, AND had dinner together!
I am finding that surviving this transition is much like my teaching 4 year olds. I have to be patient, prepared, and very flexible. The girls like to know the routine of the day (prepared), I need to not loose my temper (patience), and I need to handle any surprises from school or girls (flexible). A case in this point was the Math Homework Horror today.
While on the phone with the realtor, Jenny starts crying. She has left her homework at school. While trying to end my conversation I assure Jenny we will find her homework or go back to school for it. ( I can't tell you how many times the Gymnastic outfit was on the floor under a blanket when there was tears)
Jenny cries the whole way to school. I remain calm and reassuring. Mrs. Black will let you in, no she won't be angry, we will find it. Sure enough the work is in her school mailbox and Mrs. Black is wonderful.
We head home in peace and I remind the children No One Needs to Panic Until Mom Says So!

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