Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ryan Seacrest and Me

As if my life is not strange enough, I find out that I have things in common with Ryan Seacrest. Why do I know so much about Ryan Seacrest? The news paragon that is NPR did a story on him. He apparently is this super mogul with his hand in radio, TV, and production. He is in charge of everything he does. And when he brings us greatness such as "Keeping up with Kardashians" how can you go wrong?
So what do I and this mastermind have in common? I think I have a bit of control freak in me. (talk to my teaching assistant Adrienne) I am in charge of the work, home, school, extracurricular activities. I have final say on all these productions. Mr. Seacrest also apparently has his life planned down to the minute. This is another way I feel we are connected. Right now my life is lists, accomplishments and staying on schedule. If we get behind it all goes down hill. I cram detail and activity into every moment. Today Melissa is home sick and I am trying to keep us going and get AHEAD on tomorrow. At least I am not crazy like Mr. Seacrest and getting up at 4:00AM each day. I mean just get a kid to crawl in your bed and vomit at 5:00AM like a normal person will ya!

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  1. Ingrid, You are making me laugh. Keep'em coming.