Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year - Do your part to save our lord Jesus

As luck would have it, Christmas is the season that never ends. My children just relocated a duplo navitiy set which was given to them MANY years ago.
One thing I love about children is their creativity and imagination. In the past navtivity figures have mixed with Santa figures to have a yard sale at the manger (the angel was making the best deals) On this day there was trouble in the forest (did I mention there were also fairy/knight duplo figures involved?)
As I sit in the kitchen I hear the discussion going on. Who has seen the baby Jesus? We must find him. We don't want him kidnapped and held for ransom. We have to get money to save him! I am not sure where the came from but I am posting a request to please send you monetary help to save baby Jesus to our house as soon as possible. :)

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