Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't Know Much About History

I remember watching the movie "Witness" a long time ago. In one scene Harrison Ford is fixing his car and the radio is playing that song, "Don't know much about histoy" by Sam Cook. I am like that song. I do not store facts or stories in my head.
My father on the other hand, well dad, he remembers everything. He is a voracious reader and loves history. My husband will attest to this. Once my sister and I got my dad started on discussing his latest book on the history of the middle east. We quickly knew we were in trouble (lets face it there is A LOT of history there) so we got Jack involoved and retreated fast! I think Jack was cornered by dad for a good 20 minutes.
My dad knows sooo much and some of it seems somewhat implasuasable to me. For example, the history of Tennessee. I will soon be yankee in the south and do not remember much of my history. Dad filled us all in. He also made it clear that in Knoxville (my soon to be knew home) There where those who fought for the Union and were chased into the mountains. They were eventually caught and tried. Lincoln kept saying how the north needed to rescue them. This is a good story and one I like. I believe it is true but I am also thinking, really? are you sure? I tuly love learning things from my dad, tidbits and details that have been tucked away that he pulls out. My dad is also a good story teller so when he says, "Lincoln kept saying we need to help those people" He sounds like Lincoln.
I am looking forward to my dad teaching me what history he can before we move. I am wondering how much of my northern igorance will show when I get there. In the meantime I will just start watching Jeff Foxworthy so I will know when I truly become a Red Neck. He has been doing that act for years, now that is the kind of history I can get into.

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