Thursday, June 17, 2010

Travel Advisory: Zielger Resort and Spa

ATTENTION! This is notification for vacationers and travelers. The Ziegler Resort and Spa is OPEN during reconstruction. The Hot Tub is renewed and ready for your enjoyment. The Hammock is hung and swaying in the breeze. Both patios are open and food service is easily arranged. The Chef is experimenting with new recipes each day. Her motto is FRESH! FRESH! FRESH!. If you prefer indoor seating, the formal dining room is almost complete, and the breakfast bar will soon be finished.

The Game Room is coming together and ready for games, plays, music, and dancing. If you are in need of quiet relaxation the bright and sunny formal sitting room is the place to put your feet up and relax. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to the final decorations being done by early August.

Remember, The Zielger Resort and Spa is the place for you! Close to shopping, Dollywood, and hiking!

Other complimentary services are free laundry services and chocolates (provided by Schakolad, Chocolate Factory) on the pillows, and daily papers to read. Please make your reservations soon!


  1. Sounds wonderful!! Sounds like a 5 star resort. Can you talk to my boss...let him know I need a long weekend for a spa getaway?!

  2. Just call Flooring Solutions. lol!