Monday, June 21, 2010

10 minutes and 10 hours

We used to live in Delaware. Delaware also called "The First State" or the ever popular "Delawhere?", is a small state. In the past I have spoken of it's virtues of never allowing me to get completely lost. The state itself is to small and all the roads interconnect. The other thing about Delaware is that for some reason most things you need to get to are "about 10 minutes away". Doctors, karate, gymnastics, food shopping, the YMCA, many friends houses, were all not far.

To be fair, I will say our new house in Tennessee is very much like this also. So far it takes about 10 minutes to get to the important places school, food, shops, chocolate, ice cream, and of course wine. I am struggling with one thing, the drive to see friends. My length of time to see pals is no longer 10 minutes. It is 10hours. My family has now made a journey from Delaware to Tennessee and back east for vacation in roughly 2 weeks. The drive is beautiful. The traffic is not bad. The drive is LONG. There are no tolls to slow you down, the speed limit is 65 or 70 most of the way. You can drive easy. It is still,10 hours.

Jack and I sat eating our continental breakfast at the hotel. We were commenting on the ease of our travels and the systems we have developed to make things work. (God Bless the GPS)Even so, the trip is 10 hours. It is long. We know now how to break it up, we are finding ways to make it fun. It is still 10 hours. I am sure we will do it enough that this journey will become the new normal. Even so, I miss my 10 minute friends.


  1. But we will make the drive to TN too...probably next summer. I'd fly there in a heartbeat if you needed me.

  2. We were just talking about you all this evening. Erik's pretty familiar with that drive now too and is contributing suggestions for places we could all meet in the "middle" to vacation together.

    In the mean time I hope you are all settling in and making friends.