Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lost and Found

If you can't find something, move to a new house. My family was fortunate to have packers come and not only wrap and box our stuff. They loaded and unloaded it. I will say that one thing has been crazy when unpacking, odd objects turn up in boxes.

The men that came to pack and move us were professionals. They swarmed in like locusts, devouring one floor and then the next. If it was not nailed down, or rather even if it was attached to a wall, if you did not specify, they unattached it and packed it up. I attempted to keep track of what my family needed and keep it separate. These pro's were great and left things I protected alone. We only had one instance of trouble. I kept explaining to my children, do NOT leave things out. If you want it to go with you put it on the sheet of protection! My eldest changed out of clothes into a swimsuit to get wet at a neighbor's house. Upon returning the movers had packed her clothes!

While unpacking, I have found many objects that I did not know were even lost. An attachment to the chopper I gave to Goodwill, the lid to a Yankee Candle (I never could figure out why I was ONE short), a rack to our old microwave, the remote to the under cabinet TV we left for the buyers, receipts I think the new homeowners would like to have, and sink strainers for the sink of the previous house.

I am happy to say I have not found anything damaged. I teared up unpacking the vase given to me as a wedding gift from my Uncle Eddie (who is now deceased). I have unpacked many rooms so far and I am happy with how things are going. If for some reason though, if you are missing something and you have ever been to my house, call me, I may have found it!

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  1. You just pointed out something else that you found in the unpacking...little joys, little reasons to celebrate. :)