Monday, December 21, 2009

Travel plans crushed cookie making commences

Travel to Tennessee was hindered today by a small snowstorm. By small, I mean 17 inches here in Delaware. Being naive and novice in travel my husband and I go to the airport. We were dutiful in checking the flight. No Delay it says all day. We arrive and there is a slight delay. We pat ourselves on the back. Then they cancel us and put us on a later flight. Ok, time alone in an airport no kids, we are still lucky. Then the later flight is delayed by 2 hours. Less appealing but ok. Then they cancel that flight. We go home.
The good news is that I get to spend all day today making holiday cookies. Seven varieties in all. YUM! I only reached a wall when allowing the children to "help". I will never know how my mother surived this. I have such fond memories of making butter cookies. Rolling them out baking them. I have since discovered for me, starting later in the day and having some wine when the kids start makes it go much smoother!

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