Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small Blog Big Pond

I decided to be cool. I decided to be hip and techno savvy. I decided to move my blog to a new website. A website which would allow my family and friends to get my blog emailed to them. A website with links, widgets and much more!

When I first started to blog a year ago, I put my entries up on Blogger. My mission was to write for me. I wanted to vent, express, and find a creative way to stay in touch with my friends. My cute small blog worked well. I picked out my background and started writing.

The problem is, I am still a small blogger, with a small blog. I still am blogging selfishly for me. I am a bit startled by the “Categories”, “links” and “tag words” all designed to get my blog bigger and better. I am intimidated by the possibility of people I don’t KNOW actually reading my blog. It is my blog but is also my journal and my mental health check. Well, honestly, it is my life that I try to reflect on and make funnier.

I know I have several “stealth” readers of my blog. Friends and family who check in on my life but don’t leave comments. I felt like this blog site would give you a chance to have my wit and wisdom sent right to you via email. (It would also boost my ego by knowing how many of you actually WANT to read it.)

So, here I am, Small Blogger in a Big Pond. Dear family and friends, I hope you find me here. I hope you get my blog via email. I hope you keep laughing with me as I move, transition, and live my life. To any others who stumble upon me. I hope you laugh a little. If you find me at all amusing, please go read “The Meat and Potatoes of Life” blog. Also available on this website. She is the blogger I want to be when I grow up. Now if I could just figure out that “Links” widget I could post the link to her site hmmm……



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