Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Missing Miss. Masterson

My children are in school today. They went off on their buses and are learning. More important to them they are making friends. The week before this one was spent checking to see what teachers we had, buying clothes, buying school supplies, and visits to the offices of each school to drop off all the necessary papers.

At one point I called to ask about lunch since I was having trouble setting up account for my younger daughter. The secretary said,"Well you don't have to worry about it just yet anyway. The first day is a half day." This was news to me. I said thank you for the information. I asked was I going to get a letter with car drop off information? this 1/2 day thing? bus information? My reply was, "Honey, we have over 1000 students, we don't do mailings. I said, "Ok, I will be sure to check the website regularly."

I was a teacher. I know the start of the year is this side of CRAZY for secretaries. I hung up and thought about Miss. Masterson. She was the secretary at my daughter's school in Delaware. She was quick to greet anyone who came in. She was organized and I could not help but feel a pang of sadness and not seeing her anymore. Miss. Masterson would look up at me (and others who came in) and smile.I had the feeling that when she registered someone new, she would have told them, we don't send out much information on paper, check the website. She probably would have a paper to hand them that said it, and had the website on it. I know that the more active I am in the girls schools I will get to know their staff and secretaries, but for now I just miss Miss. Masterson.

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